“On the first morning (for us in Australia) it was a very emotional time when the projectors came on and I was able to see my friends back in my old home. Within minutes it became obvious that this meeting represents a milestone of education, a new way to connect the world, and a way for ASAPS, ISAPS, and many societies around the world to partner together.”
Felmont Eaves, MD – Charlotte, NC
“From my standpoint and speaking on behalf of ISAPS, I felt that the satellite symposium was extremely successful.  I congratulate all involved and in particular you and your vision.  I am very pleased that ISAPS was involved in the realization of that vision.”
Foad Nahai, MD – Atlanta, GA
“The satellite exercise seemed to work with impeccable ease, although I
am sure it was very difficult. It ran so smoothly and I know from 
comments both in Atlanta and from my Aussie and NZ colleagues that it
was a big hit setting new heights for future meetings to get to.”
Dr. Graeme Southwick – Melbourne, Austra
“Please pass along my sincere appreciation for the opportunity to participate in this legendary meeting from my home. As we all know, the caliber of the speakers is unquestionable. The visualization of the slides was very good, maybe even better than being in the hall. Sound was very good, as well. Saturday's video was occasionally choppy, but not enough to degrade the experience. In the current social and economic climate, I think this is the future of meetings and, in time, will be an option for all meetings. Please, thank Frank and the other faculty for their forward thinking.”
Tim Hulsey, MD – Bowling Green, KY